Everyday Essentials for All

From reformer pilates, to your daily matcha runs. We've got you covered!

Activeist is as adaptable as your lifestyle. Our mission is to craft high-quality activewear, built to last. Each piece is tailored to elevate your every movement, no matter what you're up to, and make you feel your absolute best


At Activeist, sustainability is not just a mission; it's our sole way of conducting business. We meticulously select ethically sourced materials and partner with factories that share our vision for a greener future. Our commitment to sustainability extends from our choice of premium eco-friendly fabrics to our biodegradable packaging. By manufacturing most of our garments ethically in Portugal, we reduce our carbon footprint and ensure fair working conditions. We design seasonless, long-lasting products that defy fast fashion trends, emphasizing quality over quantity. Our ultimate goal is not only to create superior activewear but also to contribute to ocean restoration efforts, making a positive impact on both people and the planet.


We want to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community of people who care about where their garments come from. Just like the planet, the brand is home to all sizes, genders and ethnicities. Inclusivity means the world to us! 


We want to lead the way towards a sustainable future and circular economy. We are always finding novel ways to lead this progression. Our success and journey lie in establishing novel ways towards progressing this future.


Activeist is proud to collaborate exclusively with certified factories that uphold the highest ethical and environmental standards. These factories operate on renewable energy, ensuring minimal environmental impact while prioritising fair and safe working conditions for all employees. By partnering with these reputable and certified manufacturers, we guarantee transparency and accountability throughout our supply chain, reflecting our unwavering commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.



To build the best products that last, as sustainably as possible. These products are intended to keep you moving, no matter where and when you may be.


We dream of being a fully circular business catering to our inclusive community of people who care about where their garments are made. We dream of changing people’s closets by providing them with elevated everyday essentials produced with the Earth’s best interest.